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  • Take a principled stand against $15 minimum wage

    November 2017 ·  Jordan Bruneau ·  North Jersey

    With Gov. Chris Christie leaving office early next year, New Jersey's $15 minimum wage backstop leaves as well. Twice during his tenure, Christie vetoed dramatic minimum wage increases passed by the state’s Democratic legislature, including $15 legislation last year. Gov.-elect Phil Murphy campaigned on a $15 minimum wage, and Democratic state Senate President Steve Sweeney has indicated that legislation will be forthcoming early next year. Perhaps […]
  • Sen. Graham’s Bad Idea To Link Tax Reform To A Minimum Wage Hike

    October 2017 ·  Michael Satlsman ·  Forbes

    Tax reform is important. But is it worth sacrificing hundreds of thousands of jobs to get it done? South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham seems to think so. Bloomberg reported this afternoon that the Senator suggested linking tax reform to an increase in the federal minimum wage to "help draw Democratic support" for reform. The Senator should know better. In 2014, he helped stop legislation to raise the federal minimum wage by nearly 40 […]
  • 25,000 Reasons Why Florida Shouldn’t Fight For $15

    October 2017 ·  Michael Satlsman ·  Forbes

    25,000. That's the number of unemployed young adults in Florida who aren't enrolled in school, and don't have a high school diploma. Their unemployment rate currently averages 22 percent--more than five times the current four-percent state unemployment rate. Even at the state's current minimum wage of $8.10--rising to $8.25 at the start of 2018--these young adults are having difficulty finding employment. Should Florida pursue a $15 minimum […]
  • Target shows the way on the minimum wage

    October 2017 ·  Michael Satlsman ·  The Orange County Register

    Big-box retailer Target announced last month that it will voluntarily raise its pay floor to $15 an hour by 2020. It’s the latest example of why a government wage mandate of this magnitude is unnecessary. Supporters of the labor union-backed campaign for a $15 minimum wage took credit for the retailer’s decision, but the company’s CEO offered a more self-interested rationale: Recruiting “top-quality” help to staff […]
  • Minimum wage push bad for servers

    September 2017 ·  Michael Saltsman ·  The Detroit News

    It’s a solution in search of a problem. And it may be coming soon to a ballot box near you. The Restaurant Opportunities Center (ROC), a controversial advocacy group with a checkered past, announced this week that it’s collecting signatures for a ballot measure that would raise the state’s tipped minimum wage by an eye-popping 240 percent, while also raising the overall minimum wage to $12 […]
  • Stale, misguided, divisive: $15 minimum wage can’t win elections

    September 2017 ·  Michael Saltsman ·  The Hill

    Is the minimum wage a winning "wedge" issue? The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) certainly thinks so. Recently, the union announced plans for a massive voter engagement drive for the 2018 election cycle focusing specifically on the Midwest. However, its method of convincing voters to push Democrats into power isn't revolutionary. The union is attempting to turn the minimum wage into a major election issue — yet again. Politicos […]