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  • A truly rotten export

    October 2003 ·  Craig Garthwaite ·  Orange County Register

    In recent years, the nation’s governors have gotten used to looking at California’s troubles with a mixture of relief and smug self-satisfaction. But as Gov.-elect Arnold Schwarzenegger worries how the Golden State will ever be able to afford the Health Insurance Act (SB 2) signed by Gov. Gray Davis in his administration’s twilight hours, he is far from the only state chief executive who should […]
  • Health Insurance Act fiscally disastrous

    October 2003 ·  Craig Garthwaite ·  Atlanta Journal-Constitution

    California Governor-elect Schwarzenegger’s predecessor has left him a poison pill that he has no alternative but to swallow. The Health Insurance Act, signed by Gov. Gray Davis in the twilight hours of his administration, mandates every California company with more than 20 employees to provide employee health insurance. The cost, according to Aaron Yelowitz, a health and labor economist at the University of Kentucky and the […]
  • Davis’ Bid To Stay In Office Will Cost Jobs In California

    October 2003 ·  Craig Garthwaite ·  Investor's Business Daily

    It's 10 minutes to midnight for Gov. Gray Davis. As judgment day approaches, measures that were once, or twice, vetoed on grounds of cost or even national security have become law with a flourish of the governor's pen. No surprise, then, that he signed a bill Sunday that requires every employer with more than 20 employees to provide employee health coverage that will cost Golden State […]
  • Minimum wage hikes cost the recipients

    September 2003 ·  Kristen Lopez Eastlick ·  Boston Herald

    This Labor Day, America faces a profound choice over the fate of its low-skilled work force. We can follow a crowd of prominent Democrats including Howard Dean, John Kerry and Dick Gephardt, who are teaming up with Old Deal liberal warrior Sen. Edward Kennedy to promote an increase in the federal minimum wage by 29 percent. Or we can move forward on the path first […]
  • High Minimum Wage States Home To Most ‘Black Spots’

    July 2003 ·  Craig Garthwaite ·  Investor's Business Daily

    America's unemployment rate is now 6.4%, a nine-year high. For many Americans, rising unemployment is an unwelcome change from the long economic boom of the 1990s. But for some, the average rate hides a bigger story. A new study by the Employment Policies Institute (EPI) identifies 397 counties and cities -- each with a population of over 10,000 -- that had unemployment rates of 9% or above in […]
  • Guv’s plan to raise minimum wage will hurt unskilled workers

    July 2003 ·  Rick Berman ·  Chicago Sun-Times

    It’s official. The unemployment rate in Illinois continued its steady upward march to 6.3 percent last month. One hundred forty thousand Illinois workers have joined the jobless lines since April 2000. But for 800,000 Illinois residents, the statewide increase masks a more troubling story. A new study by the Employment Policies Institute identifies 18 Illinois cities and counties with a population of 10,000 or more […]