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  • Making More Pays Less

    July 2004 ·  Richard V. Burkhauser ·  New York Times

    Ithaca — ALL of us can agree that people who play by the rules and work hard should not live in poverty. On the surface, it would seem that raising the minimum wage paid to workers would help them out. But statistics tell a different story, one that should be considered by state legislators who plan to consider whether to raise the minimum wage in […]
  • Hurting poor in name of helping them

    May 2004 ·  Craig Garthwaite ·  The Orange County Register

    A minimum wage hike is wending its way through the Assembly, and it’s a whopper. There’s hope that sanity will prevail in Sacramento, as it did in March in New Hampshire, where legislators had the good sense to kill a similar effort. If it doesn’t, many low-skilled workers may not last at their jobs long enough to see their wages increase, or be able to […]
  • Affleck is ‘Dazed and Confused’ over Kennedy’s minimum-wage bill

    May 2004 ·  Craig Garthwaite ·  The Hill

    The clash over increasing the minimum wage has begun. In one corner stands noted labor economist Ben Affleck, whose credits include such films as “Dazed and Confused.” In the other, Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan. In 2001, Greenspan told Congress that a minimum-wage increase would destroy jobs. The evidence on that, he said, is overwhelming. In the three intervening years, America has experienced a soft economy […]
  • Minimum wage hike won’t help the poor

    February 2004 ·  Craig Garthwaite ·  Wisconsin State Journal

    The nation’s leisure and hospitality industry went on a hiring spree during the last half of last year: about 300,000 new jobs that have been created in every type of service outlet from fast food to four-star dining—in a sector that accounts for just 9 percent of all jobs. The bad news: Wisconsin’s residents are being left out of this long-awaited jobs boom. […]
  • Benefits fail to reach their intended recipients

    January 2004 ·  Craig Garthwaite ·  The Atlanta Journal Constitution

    The commission appointed by Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin to study a "living wage" law for Atlanta holds its first public hearing Friday. For nearly a year, the mayor has advocated a living wage, which would require firms doing business with the city to pay employees more than the federal minimum wage. In this she is supported by a variety of imported and home-grown union and activist […]
  • Higher minimum wage can be harmful

    January 2004 ·  Craig Garthwaite ·  Times Union

    Higher minimum wage can be harmful Gov. George Pataki's lips have so far been sealed on his intentions for a statewide minimum wage hike early next year. But labor and political activists have been cranking up the volume. Earlier this month, they launched a statewide campaign to increase New York's minimum wage 31 percent higher than the federal minimum. Last year, a similar proposal passed […]