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  • Michael Saltsman and Jordan Bruneau: The ‘Fight for $15’ is flagging

    April 2017 ·  Michael Saltsman and Jordan Bruneau ·  Tulsa World

    A few days ago, Fight for $15 protesters engaged in another round of coordinated, nationwide fast food protests to agitate for dramatic minimum wage increases. This tired strategy was greeted with a collective yawn by the public.   These protests were a microcosm for the Fight for $15 movement as a whole, which has recently suffered a series of high-profile setbacks. Recently, New Mexico Gov. Susanna Martinez vetoed […]
  • How states are crushing the $15 minimum wage movement

    March 2017 ·   ·  CNBC

    The Fight for $15, a campaign to organize the fast food industry, has encouraged a number of states and cities to raise their starter wage requirement as high as $15 an hour. But now, a backlash is building that could derail its momentum. Last week, Baltimore's Democratic Mayor vetoed $15 wage legislation passed by the city council. Shortly before that the City Council in Flagstaff, Arizona voted […]
  • The Real Calexit: Californians leaving for lower-cost locales

    March 2017 ·  Michael Saltsman ·  Orange County Register

    Activists agitating for California to separate from the United States better start considering the border wall they’ll need to build if successful — to keep their residents in. An analysis of Census Bureau data by the Sacramento Bee shows that between 2005 and 2015 800,000 working-class Californians on net left for other states. Twenty percent of this net working-class outflow — 156,000 — went to one […]
  • Commentary: Pa. youth can’t afford Wolf’s minimum-wage hike

    March 2017 ·  Michael Saltsman ·  Philadelphia Inquirer

    Gov. Wolf seems to believe the third time will be the charm. After failing to convince the Pennsylvania legislature of the wisdom of a $10 minimum wage in 2015 and 2016, the governor decided the key to success was to demand more, and he is now calling for a minimum-wage increase to $12. A $10 wage floor was already a troublesome bet for Pennsylvania. A 2014 study […]
  • The region’s most divisive union

    March 2017 ·  Michael Saltsman ·  Orange County Register

    Two years of morning protests and bullhorns. Welcome to Ocean Boulevard in Long Beach, where labor organizers from UNITE HERE Local 11 — Los Angeles’ most aggressive union — have set up shop in hope of unionizing two local hotels. On many mornings, local residents are woken at 7 a.m. by protesters shouting into bullhorns, the loud noises echoing between hotels and high-rises. The police department […]
  • Wage hike a publicity stunt

     ·  Michael Saltsman ·  Detroit News

    Shortly after announcing his candidacy for mayor of Detroit, state Sen. Coleman A. Young II proposed raising Michigan’s minimum wage to $15 an hour. It appears the state senator has the same careless touch in crafting economic policy that his father often had in running the city. The younger Young launched his campaign with familiar rhetoric, contrasting the new wave of prosperity downtown with the continuing […]