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  • By Big Labor and For Big Labor: A Case Study from San Francisco of Union Involvement in the Legislative Process

    November 2015

    Since early 2012, labor unions and the left-wing pressure groups they fund have attacked conservative policy organizations for assisting state and local legislators in developing legislation. The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and the AFL-CIO in particular have loudly denounced “corporate interests” for funding these groups. However, many of the same unions and left-wing pressure groups employ nearly identical tactics to develop and enact liberal policies. San Francisco’s 2014 effort [...]
  • Survey of US Economists on a $15 Federal Minimum Wage

    November 2015

    The University of New Hampshire Survey Center conducted a survey of economists for the Employment Policies Institute (EPI). The specific areas of interest are economists’ opinions on a $15 minimum wage. Invitation and reminder emails were sent to five hundred and fifty-five (555) US based economists from a list provided by EPI. EPI obtained the list in June 2015 from a database of roughly 1,400 prominent [...]
  • Early Experiences with Chicago’s July 1st Minimum Wage Increase

    June 2015

    In December 2014, the Chicago City Council approved a law raising the city’s minimum wage by nearly 60 percent, to $13 an hour, by 2019. A press release from the office of Mayor Rahm Emanuel trumpeted the wage hike as a boon for the city. Small business owners were less sure, expressing concerns about the unintended consequences of labor cost increases that couldn’t be offset through higher prices. The first stage of the wage [...]